Of cancer, boobs and balls

My name is Thirza, and in March 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26. The consultant surgeon informed me that a large malicious tumour had formed in my right breast which was already metastasising to my lymph nodes. In a matter of seconds my entire life and world as I knew it were violently upheaved, and sheer panic overwhelmed me. I felt like I had been dumped into the gladiator ring and expected to fight whatever unknown horrors would be released. I would undergo nearly a year of intense treatment; including 6 months of chemotherapy, a full bilateral mastectomy and radiotherapy. My busy life was put on hold and my world became a recurring cycle of hospital visits, digesting scary information and generally feeling pretty awful.

It is  now December 2016 – a year since I finished active cancer treatment and I have a ‘clean’ bill of health, maintained by various drugs, injections and regular check-ups. Not only this but I have spent the entirety of 2016 getting to grips with my new identity, physical and mental, created by the cancer and it’s associated treatment. I have received an enormous amount of support over the last 18 months; from friends, family, charities, work and even strangers and those who are helping unbeknownst to themselves. I am eternally grateful for this and I am lucky to have had it. I fear however, that I must beg support a little bit longer.

Because for me it is now time to fight back; to give meaning to something that uprooted my life so completely and shook my family and me to our core. In 2017 I am resolved to stick the proverbial up to cancer and eradicate all its poisonous tentacles from my life (theoretically speaking of course, as physically I am clear). What better way, I thought, than to run the London Marathon for Macmillan and raise a ton of money for this absolutely awesome charity? My story is far from unique, and behind every cancer story stands Macmillan, providing a huge support structure in any way the individual needs it. Of course, just running the Marathon is not enough and raising big money requires a big fundraiser, and so the idea of T’s Charity Ball was born. I mean, why do things in half measures? Screw you cancer, you won’t win this one.

So explore, donate some money, read about Macmillan and most importantly: buy tickets to the event of the century!

Last of all I just want to say thank you to everyone for reading, and caring.